Failure Is An Option


Birmingham based metal band consisting of six members

  1. Joura Torabi – Lead Guitarist – January 2017 – Current
  2. Matthew Jeffries – Clean Vocalist – March 2016 – Current
  3. Jaime Fellows – Rhythm Guitarist – March 2016 – Current
  4. Abbi Butler – Bass Guitar – March 2016 – Current
  5. Louis Barr – Drums – June 2016 – Current
  6. Brandon Hart – Heavy Vocalist – March 2016 – Current

The band started out as a bit of fun between a few friends practicing covers, This later developed into something much more serious with Matt and Jamie looking for more members to work on original tracks, The band started taking influence from their favorite artists such as Of Mice and Men, Decade, Ice Nine Kills, Enter Shikari and many more to help them find the sound they were looking for.

The band quickly wrote their first song entitled Razor Hearts and moved on to write many more such as Awoken, Tear It Down and Coloured Canvases, All with a wide and diverse sound and great meaning to each member of the band.

The band’s first gigs consisted of The Roadhouse, The Asylum 2, Subside and the 02 Academy 3, All Birmingham based venues supporting other local bands and acts leading to the band quickly developing a name for ourselves in the local metal music scene.

As 2017 started the band took some vital steps in moving them forward with their first headline gig at the Asylum 2 and shortly after announcing a headline gig for the 02 Academy 3, The band also recruited a new member in Joura Torabi and got straight to work with him on forming the lead guitar for the several original songs included in the set as well as signing to the newly formed record label Manifest Records UK.

Failure Is An Option are due to release our debut EP Lost Vessel May 27th including the four original tracks

  1. Awoken
  2. Razor Hearts
  3. Coloured Canvases
  4. Tear It Down