Past Members

Joura Torabi

Full Name: Joura Torabi

D.O.B: 08/04/1995

Favourite Band: Disturbed, Dio, Alter Bridge

Inspirations: Mark Tremonti, Vivian Cambell, Dan Donegan

Band Role: Lead Guitarist March 2017 – April 2018

Nickname: Young Zeus


Life after the band: Now a proud and douting father, Joura is continuing life with his partner Becky and loving being a family man raising his child and continuing work in his family motor repair company BJ’s


Jay Fellows

 Full Name: Jamie Alexander Fellows

D.O.B: 19/10/1999

Favourite Bands: As It Is, A Day To Remember, Palisades, Issues

Inspirations: As It Is

Band Role: Rhythm Guitar

Nickname: Jay

Bio: As the youngest member of the band Jamie puts his heart, soul and passion into the music and works very hard to balance his day to day studies and his music career into his life. He has a love for language studies and aspires to become fluent in Korean. Jay has added his Pop Punk influence into the bands music for catchy chord progressions and softer melodic sounds and Jay’s influence is what formed the basis of the band’s softest original songs Coloured Canvases.


Life after the band: Jamie is now studying language in Univeristy and pursuing his love for the languages of the world.